a cloud-based digital archive service

piqlConnect gives you full access and control over your digital archive, with an OAIS conformant digital preservation and access system.



Fast access and control over your information.

Self-serve preservation

You choose how your data is preserved based on your business needs.

24 Hour support

It's so simple to use, you probably won't need us, but if you do - we're there to help.

Connecting today with tomorrow

piqlConnect provides online and offline storage services, data treatment and access to your information, all through a simple and easy to use interface.

This new online service complements our purpose-built offline archival technology, piqlFilm.

The combination offers truly unique service: instant online access and secure, permanent long-term digital storage.

Intelligent access


piqlConnect gives you control over how your data is stored. You can choose the combination of online and offline storage, flexible data ingestion, live access to online data, workflow monitoring and simple management of all your stored records. You can also request access to offline data and progress your online data to offline storage.  In addition, piqlConnect can be configured to integrate with existing tools (especially those using a REST API application).

Easy to use

Instant access

Integrated with piqlFilm

Free trial available now

Do you want to be one of the first to try the platform as an early adopter? Sign on for a free trial now! If you choose to continue after the trial, you receive a substantial discount for the first year.

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