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From security to guaranteed future accessibility, our migration-free digital film technology is the most affordable and effective long-term solution for storing your valuable data.



Important acknowledgement

piqlReader wins award for great design

Our newest piece of technology has already made its mark winning a prestigious DOGA award.

Piql proud to contribute

UNICEF deposits Child Convention in AWA

To celebrate World Children’s Day and 30-year anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations (UN) Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF has stored the document forever in the Arctic World Archive (AWA).

Keep the data offline

When security matters

Concerned secure data storage? We use a storage medium from which data cannot be hacked or deleted, and most importantly we keep the data offline to prevent any form of cyberattack.

Piql Services

How we work

Our data security and preservation services are always tuned to meet the special requirements of each client. At the core of our services is a technology developed uniquely to safeguard irreplaceable information.

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The National Museum of Norway opts for Piql

The National Museum of Norway and Piql have joined forces to safeguard art for coming generations. 

Secure data storage

Arctic World Archive

The Arctic World Archive is an offline data vault where valuable information is safeguarded for future generations. Deep inside an arctic mountain, the data is safe from cyberattacks, terrorism and natural disasters.

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