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Award winning technology

Purpose-built to ensure data stays alive and secure for centuries, with guaranteed accessibility, our unique archival technology has become known and respected around the world. 


Storing your data with Piql means your information remains authentic and permanent.

Future proof

Piql's technology has been designed to be future-proof, lasting centuries and ensuring that data is always recoverable.


As an offline, immutable and permanent medium, your data is safe from all online threats and kept in a secure vault.

Overcoming the digital dilemma

In 2007, the movie industry raised concern about losing digital productions due to lack of long-term storage technologies. Piql, following the success of the Cinevator, knew that by converting analogue film into a digital storage medium, we could offer unique longevity and security properties across many industries.

How we store data on piqlFilm

Binary code

Digital storage is about writing binary data, i.e. 0’s and 1’s, to a physical storage medium.The storage medium you decide to use, depends on variables such as your needs for data capacity, data lifetime, access and cost. Even cloud storage suppliers write your data as a string of 0’s and 1’s to a physical medium located in a data center somewhere in the world.

High resolution QR codes

This binary code is converted to grey pixels that are then written to film in four levels of grey, with 8 million data points per frame. Each film has capacity for 120 GB.


Piql's technology is built on open source principles to ensure information needed to access the data is never locked away or reliant on proprietary software. All information needed to recover the information including source code, file format specifications and instructions for building technology is stored on each piqlFilm alongside the data in human readable text.


Perhaps the most significant strength is that the piqlFilm is an offline medium. And with 500-year longevity, meaning no need for migration, it sets Piql Services apart from any other physical storage medium for digital information.

- Norwegian Defence Research Establishment

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