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A Secure and Future-Proof Way of Preserving Valuable Digital Data

Reshaping digital preservation

Ensuring future access to today’s digital data is a constant challenge. As volume grows, complexity increases. Migration-based preservation strategies are costly, involve a risk of data loss and do not address the core of the problem; the need for data security and future-proof access. Our vision is to reshape digital preservation.

Digital preservation made tangible

By combining innovative research with well-proven technology, we have developed a self-documented OAIS (Open Archival Information System) compliant solution for digital preservation. By using our services you can feel confident about the integrity of your data and trust they can be reproduced in the future. You will experience a reduced workload, enabling you to focus on core tasks.


We make digital data physically present and future preserved.

Why use Piql?


By storing your digital data in archival file formats on photosensitive film, repetitive data migrations are no longer needed. You avoid the risk of migration-related data loss, you’ll save time and get a more predictable long-term cost.


Operated within a standard IT environment, your data is fully searchable. You’ll find what you need, whenever you need it.


Depending on your needs you can preserve your data in computer readable digital format or as human readable text or images. You can also combine the two for additional security.


Your data is preserved securely on a true WORM (write once, read many) medium, making it impossible to modify or delete recorded data.


Photosensitive preservation medium are robust and have proven long-term qualities. We have tested the medium and its packaging to last for 500 years. Although your time perspective may be shorter, you can trust that your data will remain intact.


Our solution is self-contained, with readable text explaining how to reproduce and interpret your files. Data retrieval is independent of access to specific technologies or vendors. For disaster recovery, all you need is a light source and some sort of digital camera and computer.

How it works


Transfer your digital data. We accept all file formats, ranging from pure text documents to images and audio-visual contents.

How it works


We write your digital data and metadata onto a secure, migration-free preservation medium with proven long-term qualities; high-resolution micrographic film. The film is well protected in the piqlBox. Select between storing the data in computer readable digital format or as human readable text or images.

How it works


Your data is searchable and can be retrieved in minutes, whether you store the box yourself or let us do it for you. Readable text with source codes and file format specifications ensure future access regardless of availability to specific technologies or vendors.

  • Your ultimate digital insurance

    Piql Preservation Services, provided by our global network of offices, allow you to feel confident about the future accessibility and readability of your valuable digital data. This is made possible by our unique technology, resulting from a pan-European research project.

  • Arctic World Archive

    Ensuring your data remains intact and accessible for hundreds of years has required extensive research and testing. To properly protect your valuable data we have developed a unique packaging; the piqlBox.

  • The leading real-time digital film recorder

    Cinevator is established as the leading real-time digital film recorder in the motion picture industry. Known for its high speed and image quality, Cinevator is used by major film studios and post-production companies worldwide.

Our story

Head-quartered in Norway, Piql Preservation Services are offered worldwide through a network of trusted partners.


Since the start of the company in 2002, our passion has been to creatively challenge the industry standard within imaging and display technology. With our first product, Cinevator, we managed to revolutionise the way the motion picture industry prints their movies. Today our vision is to reshape data preservation.


We have a comprehensive know-how of how to transfer digital images and data to photosensitive film. To get access to expertise in other areas, we work closely with leading technology and manufacturing partners in the US and Europe. This enables us to develop the solid solutions we are known for.


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