The Arctic World Archive

How does it work?

The Arctic World Archive is a data vault for any kind of content that deserves ultra-secure long-term storage, such as documents, sound, images and videos. We keep the data offline, and access is only provided on demand.

The content is written to piqlFilm, which can withhold data for centuries. Together with each client, we define whether we store the content in digital format as bits and bytes, or in visual format so text and images can be seen with the human eye.

Data to film

When you have transferred your files to us, we write your them onto piqlFilm in recommended file formats and with related metadata.

Shipment to Svalbard

The piqlFilm is securely shipped to Svalbard and placed in the Arctic World Archive, where it can be “stored and ignored” for as long as needed.

Data retrieval

Upon your request, the data will be made available online, or shipped to you on an agreed physical medium.