Alternative Data Storage Technologies

Do the existing data storage technologies meet the complex requirements involved in digital preservation of data? What are the unique characteristics of the available alternatives? These are some of the issues we look into in this whitepaper.

Storage mediums

The world is overflowing with digital data; in fact the digital universe is doubling every two years according to IDC. A share of this digital universe has value in the long-term. This is for instance data that is considered part of our cultural heritage, strategic business information or data that must be preserved for legal reasons. In order to ensure long-term survival, these data need to be treated differently than short-lived information.

In our evaluation of the available data storage technologies we will in particular focus on the following aspects:

  • How well is data security and integrity maintained?
  • How easy will it be to access the data in the future?
  • How cost-efficient is the technology in a long term perspective?