Storage configuration and choice

There are number of options for how your data is stored, depending on the goals of your project. You can choose a combination of offline and online, analogue, digital and hybrid.

Our piqlConnect platform provides fast access to all your online and offline data, allowing you to manage all your information and progress more data to piqlFilm at any time.  

We can advise on which combination might be most suitable for your archival needs. 


We recommend online storage for information recently archived or information you may need to access semi-regularly. Once your data is ready for cold storage, you can send it to piqlFilm with a single click. 

Our online service is hosted in Scandinavia and offers fast and secure access to your data. 


For information that needs to be kept for more than 10 years, for compliance, cultural heritage or legacy purposes, our purpose built medium, piqlFilm is the ideal. It provides the safest storage for your data, with future-proof access and centuries of longevity.

Your information will never need to be migrated to a new medium, experience file decay or cyber theft. 


Choice of formats

You can choose how your data is stored on piqlFilm, as analogue capture, digital files or combine both for our hybrid option. Hybrid offers great flexibility for clients transitioning from a microfilm solution that want additional access options, or those preserving priority formats.


The 3 options for physically storing your offline data on piqlFilm

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