Prepare your data for the future

For digital preservation and long-term storage, data needs to be appropriately prepared. 

For preservation, OAIS guidelines recommend certain file types to secure future access. We treat your data according to these guidelines and provide integrity checks on the data prior to preservation. 

Step one

After we receive your file, we check it for viruses and normalise them to a preservation file format. A checksum is generated for the file, sent back to the data owner for verification and saved in the Piql database for future verification. ​

Step two

An archival information package (AIP) is then created featuring the files, source code, semantic document, file format specification and metadata. For offline storage, this information is printed on piqlFilm alongside the digital information to ensure accessibility in the future.​

We can also provide Comprehensive Preservation for preservation of proprietary or unsustainable file formats. To ensure maximum potential for future access and integrity, Piql recommends hybrid storage for these formats. 

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