Piql-GO - results so far

The piql-GO covers development and maturation of several aspects of Piql. Below you can read about our achievements in the different categories so far.

Our technology

Our technology

We have improved the Piql system during the first year of the project according to our plans. Our solution is now ready for the market and pilot testing.

We have matured our technology that writes and reads data on piqlFilm to better service our clients. This includes the development of a smaller piqlReader so that clients can have one on location for fast access to their offline data. 

We will soon start Pilot Testing of our 10 new piqlReaders in countries all over the world and look forward to hearing our clients’ feedback.

Our services

Our services

Due to our learnings from the first part of the Piql-GO project, we have extended our value chain and services.

Our market research has shown that a lot of clients needs more than just the storage of their data onto piqlFilm. They need digisation, restoration and assistance with cataloguing and designing a well-functioning digital archive system. Many also need additional support, in change management, software integration, and compliance.

Extending our services allows us to take a holistic approach to help our clients protect their data regardless of their current situation. We have achieved this through the inclusion of a broad range of plug-in services, including archival management, digitisation and complementary software solutions. In this way, Piql can assist clients to go from a purely analogue archive to a complete, well-constructed digital archive with the most resilient digital preservation technology around.

Our reach

Our reach

Through our campaign, Heritage for the Future, we asked the public to nominate and vote for items that deserve digital preservation and storage in the Arctic World Archive and deposited the top 10.

Following this campaign, we worked with the selected organisations from over 10 nations to digitally preserve and store their cultural and historical treasures in the Arctic World Archive for the benefit of future generations.

Not only does this ensure the survival of many valuable digital artefacts, it also served to raise public awareness of the importance of digital preservation and support our profilebuilding in a positive manner.