Research and Development Projects

Eurostars R&D project: AV-Treasure

Bringing new life to archived audio-visual content

So many new movies and documentaries relies on historic imagery. Without proper preservation efforts, much of our cinematic history can be lost forever or stuck buried on a dusty archival shelf. 

Piql has teamed up with Vintage Cloud, Valossa and VIA University College to ensure finding and using this valuable content becomes easier.

Preservation virtual machine

Technological obsolescence is a significant challenge for archivists and digital preservationists. Keeping data alive and accessible into the future can be complicated. To overcome this challenge, many migrate their data as new software versions and platforms become available. Although this is a very common practice, it exposes data to variety of risks with many migrations failing in some way.


The vision of three-year project is to double the data capacity of the storage medium, halve the cost and quadruple the storage lifetime, while providing a very attractive and environmentally sustainable solution.