A fundamentally different way of archiving data — that is the reason why ISTROKAPITAL decided to store encrypted data on piqlFilm

ISTROKAPITAL is one of the major financial groups in the Central European region. The companies belonging to the ISTROKAPITAL group provide comprehensive professional services, especially in the field of banking and finance. The cooperation with PIQL Slovakia was established in the course of 2019 thanks to the piqlFilm-GO project, which is co-financed within the European Union Horizon 2020 programme. 

For ISTROKAPITAL, the cooperation was a pleasant change, as until now they had stored their data on memory disks, where there was a risk of damage, irreversible clicks, password theft, or other major event leading to their corruption. Dušan Sýkora, Member of the Board of Directors, discusses the cooperation.

The cooperation

During 2019, we were approached by Mr. Ladislav Hodinka, CEO of Piql Slovakia, regarding possible cooperation. After getting acquainted with the project and the piqlFilm storage medium in general, the cooperation seemed meaningful and ideal for our needs. Not only for the immediate storage of important company data but also for securing the readability of data in the future.

Piql technology offers a fundamentally different way of archiving data than we are used to from “ordinary” storage media. It should not serve as a principal replacement of existing systems, but rather as a supplement and a backup copy. It is a unique connection between the visual and digital world, which offers longevity, but also security. In addition, without the need for any migration and data recovery, thus eliminating the risk of data corruption, loss, and misuse. So far, we have stored all data on hard drives and their backup copies. In the future, we are considering saving them onto piqlFilm precisely for reasons of durability, security, and cost optimization in the long term.

Let us also not forget sensitive and non-public data. From a security point of view, this is an exceptional type of storage. ”


The cooperation What type of content did you save on piqlFilm and how would you review the cooperation?

Our company has a lot of important data that we would not want to lose in any case. Whether due to the failure of “normal” storage, as well as due to an attack or “hacking” of systems.

We have therefore chosen a certain type of data which, for obvious reasons, I cannot disclose any details about.

Cooperation with Piql Slovakia went smoothly. We prepared the data, encrypted it, and delivered it to the company on a USB stick. Their operators then wrote them onto piqlFilm. Subsequently, after the completed reels handover, we had the opportunity to verify and read it on the device called piqlReader. All actions were, as expected, to our complete satisfaction. In principle, we would recommend this form of preservation for all cultural and scientific documents, but also information of any kind (film, music, texts, images, 3D models, scientific data) that have a high social, cultural or legislative value — everything that should be available to future generations or should be stored safely.

Let us also not forget sensitive and non-public data. From a security point of view, this is an exceptional type of storage. ”