Two films, two topics shaping today’s society, captured and stored for hundreds of years

Azyl Production is currently one of the largest companies of film production in Slovakia. Following the success of the feature film Candidate (Kandidát), they have expanded their portfolio to produce a series of 100 opinions (100 názorov) for Radio and Television of Slovakia, as well as a series for several internet portals. However, they primarily focus their production on cooperation with debutants.

Maroš Hečko

Last year, they also stood behind the film Amnesty (Amnestie), which depicted the events after Václav Havel´s amnesties in January 1990, just a few days after his election as Czechoslovak president. On the other hand, Candidate shows us how information and the great power of the mass media, which can influence the whole world by manipulating events, are the most valuable goods today.

I believe that by saving them on piqlFilm, we will ensure that they can see them (and perhaps learn from them) even in 1000 years.

Maroš Hečko, Azyl Production

How did the cooperation with Piql Slovakia originate and proceed?

Maroš Hečko, screenwriter, producer and managing director of Azyl Production: “Mr. Hodinka, CEO of Piql Slovakia, approached me with an cooperation offer. Until then, I hadn’t given much thought to how long contemporary digitally created movies would last on conventional media. Like other creators, we mostly rely on hard drives, which have an average lifespan of only a few years. After learning that there is a way to keep our work alive much longer, I immediately agreed with the cooperation. I think this is a truly exceptional technology. Every creator hopes that his work will last as long as possible, and the next generations will benefit from it. Although filmmaking has definitely become simpler with the invention of digital cameras, it has raised a question of how to archive such works.”

Why did you choose these two movies

Maroš Hečko: “For the project, we decided to choose two films, which not only had the greatest commercial success but also, in my opinion, a society-wide impact. Both the Candidate and the Amnesty are thus, in addition to the artistic level, also an important legacy of the time we live in. We have therefore decided to protect both films for future generations. I believe that by saving them on piqlFilm, we will ensure that they can see them (and perhaps learn from them) even in 1000 years. In addition, we have also selected several music albums from our production, such as Home Made Mutant, Helpless Handful, Ali Ibn Rachid, Martin Burlas, etc.

As the first production company, we handed over a movie written on piqlFilm to the depository of the Slovak Film Institute. I hope that the Candidate will be the first, but surely not the last film that people will be able to watch for centuries and learn something about life at the turn of the millennium.”

This cooperation was created thanks to the piqlFilm-GO project, which is co-financed under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.