International Press releases
20. September 2018

Piql Slovakia is the Piql Partner of the year!

The very first Piql partner of the year award was given in recognition of the Piql partner that has gone above and beyond to further the business interests of Piql.

Piql Slovakia, partner of the year. L-R Filip Tarabás, Ladislav Hodinka and Michal Hanzalik.

This award also recognises the partner that has had a significant impact on the future operations of Piql.

This year, Piql Slovakia has earned that praise.

Very soon, they will launch the first Europe-based production facility, enhancing business opportunities for all our European partners.

Rune Bjerkestrand, presented the award to the CEO of Piql Slovakia, Ladislav Hodinka, praising his endless commitment and determination.

“Our Slovakian team have led the way in building our brand and investing into the company. Their perseverance, willingness to take risks and endless hard work made them an easy choice for this award,” he said.

Other award winners included:

  • The trendsetter: Piql Brazil
  • Outside the piqlBox: Piql Germany
  • Piql Ambassador: Roberto Gonzales, Piql Spain
  • Outstanding business accomplishment: Piql Italy

Photo of the Piql winners

The winners: L-R Ladishlav Hodinka, Roberto Gonzales, Maurizio Tuccio, Roberto Carminati, RandolphVogt.