The company

Our story

At Piql, we are dedicated to preventing that irreplaceable data is lost. We develop methods and technology that will keep essential information authentic, accessible and usable at any point in the future.

The early days

Since the company was started in 2002, we have creatively challenged industry standards to come up with new and better solutions. Our first product, Cinevator®, printed digital movies to analogue film by printing 100 times faster than competitors, and has been used by film studios such as Warner Brothers, Walt Disney and Universal Studios.

The start of data-on-film

Through “Digital Dilemma” by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences (2007), we learnt that Hollywood risks losing digital productions due to lack of long-term storage technologies. As experts in the field, we knew film has unique longevity and security properties. We saw the potential benefits – for many industries – if we managed to convert analogue film into a digital storage medium. The concept “data-on-film” was founded.

Extensive R&D

Supported by the EU

Through projects funded by the EU and the Norwegian government, we have worked closely with leading technology partners, research institutions and preservation experts. This includes partners such as the National Archives of Sweden, Fraunhofer, the Image Permanence Institute, Kodak and Texas Instruments.

Global focus

From Norway to the world

Head-quartered in Drammen (Norway), Piql Services are offered worldwide through an extensive network of trusted partners. We can provide services in most parts of the world, and our focus is always on finding solutions that suit the unique needs of each client.