The EU Commission supports Piql

How do we secure data from cybercrime? And how do we make sure that future generations will get access to valuable data stored on today’s technology? The EU Commission believes in Piql’s solution to these two societal challenges and has decided to give us massive support to further strengthen our services.

The EU has a strong focus on the challenges related to data security and to long-term preservation of data of cultural, historical or legal value. The EU Commission has decided to grant Piql nearly 2 million EUR in funding to finetune and solidify our technology and services to the needs of different sectors.

The support is granted through Horizon 2020, the world’s largest Research and Innovation programme. Only 2% of the applicants are supported, and the EU commission closely scrutinises the competitiveness and societal benefits of each project.

This is an important recognition of the work we do within data security and digital preservation. We are proud to be among the top 2% of Europe’s innovation-driven businesses, and will make sure the funds will be spent to the benefit of our clients.

Rune Bjerkestrand, founder and Managing Director of Piql