Piql launched in Poland

Piql’s Innovative long-term data storage technology is now available in Poland, offering a new approach to digital preservation and archiving, along with their newest generation Piql Reader.

At an official launch event at the Polish Jewish Museum Mr. Olav Myklebust, the Norwegian Ambassador led with the words:

I am impressed by Piql’s state-of-the-art technological innovations, which make it possible to secure and store important data for future generations. I am also pleased to see the partnership with Polish company DI-Factory, enhancing Piql’s presence here. This is another good example of successful Norwegian Polish business cooperation and the strengthening of our bilateral relations.

Apart from the presentation of the technology and the reader, there was also a “reading” of the recorded pictures of three of the most prominent photographers in Poland: Bogdan Dziworski, Jacek Poremba and Tomasz Sikora. Their data was restored in front of our eyes and shown to the attendees.

We are very happy that such famous photographers have decided to archive their artistic achievements, having appreciated Piql’s technology, as well as the great idea which stands behind it. So that the next generations of people sensitive to the art of photography can marvel at their work.

Piql Poland’s CEO Jędrzej Sabliński

Piql’s full suite of services are available throughout Poland, adding to the global presence of the company, in 26 nations.

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