Piql available for genealogists worldwide

Piql has entered into a collaboration with US-based company Lineage Archive to offer genealogists around the world the opportunity to safely store their family research for future generations at the Arctic World Archive.

Private individuals can simply upload their data to Lineage Archive’s website, pay a one-off fee, and can then rest assured that their data will be safely stored for the future. We will write the data to piqlFilm and store it in our ultra-secure data vault on Svalbard. After 100 years in storage, the data will become publicly available.

Lineage Archive is managed by Logan Kleinwaks, who is well respected within the international genealogy community. “By preserving their genealogical data on piqlFilm in the Arctic World Archive, genealogists no longer need to worry that their research might be lost in the future, whether something happens to them, to their source documents, or to companies and institutions offering digital-only backup. Genealogists think on a multi-generational timescale and we want their data to last that long.”, he comments.

We had not considered the application of our technology within genealogy until we were approached by Lineage Archive. It is exciting to see that we can help solving challenges related to data storage outside of what we initially considered to be our market. Logan’s passion for genealogy and our passion for preserving data is a great foundation for offering a unique service with clear advantages for the users.

Rune Bjerkestrand, Founder and Managing Director of Piql AS

Genealogy, also known as family history, is the study of families and their lineages and history. As research data has become available digitally, genealogy has increased in popularity, and is ranked as the second most popular hobby in the US.