International Press releases
23. September 2019

Introducing our new piqlReader

After months of planning, work and client testing our new piqlReaders are ready.

Compact, sleek and ergonomically designed, these new piqlReaders offer incredible benefits.

With significantly faster read-back speed than its predecessor and simple operation, our clients can have the convenience of their own piqlReader, providing instant onsite access to offline data.

This new level of access complements our full suite of services now including digital transformation, archival optimisation, online access and traditional Piql services.

This new generation of readers offers functionality, simplicity and elegance, designed in collaboration with Eggs Design, and built by our friends at Trondrud Engineering.  

The first new piqlReaders are currently undergoing user testing in 10 regions, with over 65 piloting clients. 

A core deliverable in our EU sponsored Piql-GO project, this marks a significant milestone for us growing to meet the needs of the market.

If you would like a demonstration of the new piqlReader, or hear how our unique approach to data storage and digital preservation can benefit you, contact us!