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Long-term information storage for data you need to access again and preserving historical breakthroughs for the benefit of future generations.

From raw data to reports and scientific journals, Piql can provide long-term information storage for your research projects. Using the world's leading open source archival platform in combination with proven authenticity and resilience from piqlFilm, Piql can offer guaranteed access and retrieval of your information. 

Working with experts in the field, Piql has designed a model to define requirements and architecture for the preservation of research data. This model improves the high volume preservation processes and provides automatic ingestion in line with the FAIR Principles below.

We can provide pre-preservation data management and access tools, layered service delivery (from basic archiving and secure backup to preservation and advanced user tools with artificial intelligence) and future proof access to data.

Piql is also a member of the Archiver Project Consortium, which will introduce significant improvements in archiving and digital preservation to meet the needs of the European research community, covering the full research cycle.

FAIR Data Principles



Data and supplementary materials have sufficiently rich metadata and a unique and persistent identifier.

Piql applies advanced metadata extraction with intelligent profiling, to ensure your information is enriched and consistent.



Metadata use a formal, accessible, shared, and broadly applicable language for knowledge representation.

Piql's approach has been designed in line with OAIS guidelines and offers standard and customisable metadata with streamlined options for broadest application.



Metadata and data are understandable to humans and machines. Data is deposited in a trusted repository.

Our approach is 'future proof' meaning we ensure that data stored for long periods of time can be read-back in the future via a piqlReader or manually through human readable text with all required file specifications and application code stored with the data.



Data and collections have a clear usage licenses and provide accurate information on provenance.

Piql specialises in open source approaches to digital presrevation, in line with OAIS standards, ensuring data is accessible and authentic with all required licence information captured in the metadata.

Valued benefits

Future proof
Research and development

Offering high level compliance

  • ISO 27000 / 27040 / 19086 / 14721 / 16393
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Free flow of non-personal data regulation
  • CoreTrustSeal
  • SWIPO Codes of conduct
  • OAIS
  • FAIR principles

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European Space Agency

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