Ultra-secure data storage

Are you concerned about the security of your most sensitive information? Our solution may be able to give you more peace of mind. According to the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, few can match us when it comes to keeping the most sensitive data safe and secure.

Keeping your data secure over time

We store your data offline, and use film as storage medium. This combination provides several unique benefits related to data security:

  • Unreachable of hacking, viruses and other forms of cybercrime
  • Impossible to modify or delete the information when written to film (WORM – write once, read many)
  • No need for data migrations means no risk of migration-related data corruption or loss
  • Immune to electromagnetic pulses (EMP)
  • No negative impact of temporary power failures
  • No risk of data degradation over time, as piqlFilm keeps the data intact for at least 500 years

Adapting to your security requirements

Balancing the need for security with your need for data access, we set up a workflow that meets your required security level. The variables cover areas such as data transfer, production process, data access and physical storage.

“When it comes to preservation of digital data – understood as maintaining something in its original state, keeping it alive and safe from harm – the Piql Services is the most appropriate storage method available today. Using this migration free solution, a client can save a lot of resources both in terms of cost, storage infrastructure and labour.”
Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, “A risk assessment of the Piql Preservation Services”, June 2016