Piql Services

Secure and future-proof data storage

By keeping data offline on a future-proof storage
medium, we help clients in safeguarding their
irreplaceable information.

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Digitization Services

Do you have information stored on paper, film, microfilm or any other analogue medium? We can help you to digitize, add relevant metadata and apply optical character recognition.

Restoration Services

We offer restoration of data, audio or images stored on damaged tapes or films, and manual restoration of the film itself.

Digital Storage Services

Our methods follow the principle “store & ignore”. We write your data to a robust storage medium, where they will stay available and authentic for as long as you need.

Access Services

Data, sound and images stored offline on piqlFilm are searchable by metadata and accessible online.

Vault Storage Services

There are three options for the physical storage of the medium; at a location of your own choice, with your Piql Services provider, or at the Arctic World Archive.

Consultancy Services

To ensure you get the solution tailor made to your specific needs, we offer consultancy before and throughout the entire process regardless of which service you engage us for.

Piql Services

How to Piql your data

Irrespective of your starting point, our services and guidance will help you get your data safely stored on piqlFilm.

1. Digitize

To enable analog information to be stored on piqlFilm, we perform high-quality scanning to digitize paper, motion picture film, microfilm, tape, maps, sound and images. We apply Optical Character Recognition to make the data searchable, and add related metadata according to your requirements.

2. Restore

We can provide manual and digital restoration of damages to archival film, microfilm and tape. We can also restore sound and correct digital mistakes in the source material.

3. Transfer

You can transfer your data to us electronically through our online portal, the same way one would use a cloud service. Data can also be transferred physically on a secure hard drive with a separate encryption key.

4. Prepare

We recommend file formats according to best practices. We provide normalization, converting from original file format into agreed archival format.

5. Write to piqlFilm

Our storage medium, piqlFilm, is what clearly makes us stand out from other storage technologies. On the same robust medium, we write data in computer readable digital format and in human readable visual format. We apply checksums and forward error correction to secure data integrity.

6. Store

The piqlFilm is stored offline at a location of your choice, with your local Piql Services provider, or at the Arctic World Archive.

7. Access

Data stored on piqlFilm is always searchable online through metadata. If you need access to a file, we will make it available online on Piql Access, or send it to you physically. We can also integrate with your existing system.

Offline storage – online access

We keep your data offline, where they can be securely “stored and ignored” with no need for maintenance. If you do need access to a file, we can make it available online for a limited period, or send it to you physically on a secure hard drive. 

Why film?


Did you consider film to be a dying analogue medium? Think again. PiqlFilm is 100% digital, with unique qualities for data security and preservation.


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