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Piql celebrates 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage by preserving the most important items for future generations.

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To celebrate 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage, we are preserving the top 10 European cultural relics—as voted by you—in the Arctic World Archive for the next 500+ years.  These relics will join existing treasures such as digitised manuscripts from the Vatican Library and Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

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Tell us what you think should be preserved forever and if your suggestion makes it to the top 10, you can win a trip to Svalbard to deposit the reel in the Arctic World Archive!




Over the coming weeks we invite you all to nominate whichever cultural item you feel deserves to be preserved for future generations. And it does not have to be a historical item; what from our culture today do we want the future to see? You will find the nomination form at bottom of the page.



Once the nominations are in, we will consult the relevant stakeholders for each of them, and create a list of all the approved items. Then it is time to vote for your favorite! The top 10 voted items will be preserved in the Arctic World Archive, which was developed to ensure our digital memory will be available for future generations, in a world where few places are safe from natural and man-made disasters. 

All items nominated will be considered, however the priority will
be given to those that are of significance to our European
cultural heritage.

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to find out what makes it to the top 10!

So tell us,
what do you think should be preserved: