Migration-free digital preservation

Future-proof data storage

Are you spending a lot of time and resources keeping your valuable data readable for the future? With our OAIS compliant solution, digital preservation is made future-proof and migration-free.


The challenges of digital preservation

“Digital preservation” is about ensuring future access to digital material. The challenge is that most storage mediums have a limited lifetime, and hardware, software and file formats may be technically outdated after a period of time. “Best practice” has been to work around the core of the problem by committing to a never-ending cycle of data migrations, transferring a growing amount of data to newer platforms.

Data migrations are costly and risky. Data can be corrupted or lost during the migrations. And are you confident you will always have the financial resources needed to carry out the migrations?


We create a digital time capsule,
allowing you to store and ignore your irreplaceable data.


The Piql way of preserving data

Our solution for digital preservation eliminates the need for data migrations:

  • Storage medium with a proven lifetime of 500 years
  • Self-contained storage medium (i.e. contains instructions on how to retrieve your data back in the future)
  • Technology and vendor independent data retrieval
  • Predictable one-off cost

We have converted film to a digital medium to which data is stored as high-resolution QR codes.

The optical qualities of film enable the unique combination of data storage and human readable information on the same storage medium. In a disaster recovery scenario, you can simply read on the film how to retrieve the data – all you need is a light source, a magnifying glass and a future computer. To cater for your more immediate needs for access, you can retrieve the data via your current IT platform.

The Piql System is at the core of our services, consisting of hardware and software needed to write and retrieve your data. The Piql System is fully OAIS compliant.

We can help you find the optimal solution for your data storage needs, with services ranging from digitization to physical storage and access.