SUCCESS STORY CERN pilots Piql technology CERN, known as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics is the leading institution in the world for research of particle physics, was established as a European initiative in 1954. The institution collects a wide range of data for multiple research areas and share the knowledge to scientists and other […]

European Space Agency

CASE STUDY ESA engages with Piql in digital transformation and preservation project The European Space Agency (ESA) has chosen Piql to support its long-term digital preservation project for historical satellite images. This includes digitisation from various media, file treatment for long term preservation and secure offline storage. BACKGROUND ESA, located in Frascati outside of Rome […]

Image preservation for American Institute of Indian Studies

American Institute of Indian studies

CASE STUDY Image preservation for American Institute of Indian Studies The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) aims to further the knowledge of India in the United States by supporting American scholarships on India. AIIS programs promote and advance mutual understanding between citizens of the two nations. Now over 60 years old, the institute has […]