CASE STUDY Securing Nuclear Data for the next centuries Empresa Nacional de Residuos Radiactivos, SA (ENRESA) is the organisation responsible for nuclear waste management in Spain, conserving and managing all documentation relating to radioactive waste, dismantling of nuclear facilities and associated activities. CHALLENGE The nuclear industry has stringent requirements for the safe decommissioning and disposal […]

World beverage leader trusts Piql archival services

CASE STUDY World beverage leader trusts Piql archival services Brazilian corporation, Ambev, is the world’s largest brewery and a world leader in the beverage industry. CHALLENGE As a large corporation, Ambev has an extensive paper archive holding important corporate doucments.Access and management challenges often accompany paper archives and Ambev was looking for a solution offering […]

Powerful storage for Slovak Electricity operator

CASE STUDY Powerful storage for Slovak Electricity operator The operator of the Slovak transmission system provides the reliable supply of electricity to the region, ensuring high quality, safe and economical management of the transmission system. CHALLENGE As a critical service provider, the organisation must maintain and effectively operate many different devices as part of the […]

Jancina Architects group

CASE STUDY Jancina Architects group The Jancina Architects Group is an architectural and project team consisting of several business entities. Founded in 1992, the team delivered high quality architectural services for its clients. CHALLENGE Architectural firms hold large amounts of valuable documentation consisting of designs, planning records, territorial applications and approvals, construction procedures, tender documentation […]

Piql trusted with Siemens historical treasures

CASE STUDY Piql trusted with Siemens historical treasures Siemens is a global powerhouse focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. Established in 1847, Siemens has played an impressive role in shaping the technological evolution of Germany, Europe and the whole world. CHALLENGE The Siemens Historical Institute maintains one of the largest, best-known corporate […]