Eurostars R&D project: AV-Treasure

Research and development




The project’s success is entirely dependent on the quality of research 

AV-Treasure aims to develop a valuable resource for film heritage institutions and other audiovisualorganisations, however for this to be realised, we need the industry’s input.  

Our research will have a number of phases to ensure we capture the most accurate and relevant information to inform our development and create opportunities for industry engagement.  




The first phase of research will be to understand the prerequisites for content and context metadata, including ontology and interoperabilityThis will be done through secondary research of reviewing existing standards, guidelines and relevant studies, and interviewing relevant experts.  

From this, the project ontology will be specified with the aim to strike the optimal balance between current and external experience, to best organise a logical approach to how metadata is categorised,organised and ordered.  


Understanding the metadata needs and requirements of any audiovisual repository is the next phase of the project. To capture this information, we will conduct a survey of film heritage institutions to understand their process, terms and categorisations. When combined with the ontology researchwe should have a rich picture of requirements and optimal design.  


We will then review leading human computation and crowdsourcing initiatives, platforms and projects to promote general knowledge development and support specific project innovations. 

For instance, this research will feed into the software requirements and the crowdsourcing processes to ensure the best possible application is developed.  


If you are involved with an audio visual or film heritage organisation and would like to provide input and help us develop the most useful and valuable tool, please fill in the below form and we will be in touch.


All the research findings will then be used to design and build a valuable platform for content holders. 

This platform will enable content with rich metadata to be available to the general public and the content owners in a way that has never been done before, providing the most thorough and detailed approach to digitised AV heritage in the world.  

Holistic workflow

The first stage of development will be to design an optimised workflow for the digitisation, restoration,indexation and sustainable digital preservation of film heritage content. This will inform the integration and functionality required for the platform development.  


The major outcome of the project will be thopen-source platform that provides access to AV contentthat is enriched with automatically extracted as well as crowdsourced (CS) content and context metadata. This means access to AV content unlike anything you have experienced before 

For example, an audiovisual archive uploads all content (regardless of quality, metadata, age etc.) and needs to find some footage of a specific car. Without any manual metadata coding or scrolling through endless footage, you can search can choose year, make, model, colour, and other details (perhaps lighting conditions) and all relevant footage will be found.   

The platform will be also completely integrated with piqlConnect for seamless digital preservation to ensure the valuable information held on the platform can also be preserved for the generations that follow.  

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