Piql technology – behind the scenes

Technology in depth Piql technology – behind the scenes Are you wondering how our innovative technology works? We use a turn-key system that provides our clients with a secure and future-proof way of storing digital information. We have developed a new storage medium, related packaging, hardware and software – yet there is no vendor lock-in. […]

Alternative Data Storage Technologies

Whitepaper Alternative Data Storage Technologies Do the existing data storage technologies meet the complex requirements involved in digital preservation of data? What are the unique characteristics of the available alternatives? These are some of the issues we look into in this whitepaper. The world is overflowing with digital data; in fact the digital universe is […]

Magnetic Tape Technology in a Multi-node Archival Storage System

White paper Magnetic Tape Technology in a Multi-node Archival Storage System This paper explores storage media selection for multi-node storage systems used for the long-term archiving and preservation of digital content. Digital preservation, or the steps taken to make digital content accessible, trustworthy and usable into the future is crucial if we are to retain […]

Mjøndalen sporting history

CASE STUDY Mjøndalen sporting history As a local athletes’ organisation with more than 110 years of local history and presence in the community, Mjøndalen IF (sports association) has been a major contributor to the every-day life of the people in the region of Mjøndalen. BACKGROUND Throughout the 20th century the organisation has documented the everyday […]

Norwegian Armed Forces Museum

Norwegian Armed Forces Museum

CASE STUDY Norwegian Armed Forces Museum As part of a major digital transformation project, the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum was looking for a solution to meet its requirements for a long-term information storage strategy. Through a partnership with Piql, the Museum is taking a new approach with a holistic end to end solution for safeguarding […]

Image preservation for American Institute of Indian Studies

American Institute of Indian studies

CASE STUDY Image preservation for American Institute of Indian Studies The American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS) aims to further the knowledge of India in the United States by supporting American scholarships on India. AIIS programs promote and advance mutual understanding between citizens of the two nations. Now over 60 years old, the institute has […]

Olga Tokarczuk

Olga Torkarczuk

SUCCESS STORY Olga Tokarczuk – Nobel prize laureate stores life’s work with Piql Olga Tokarczuk, well respected and loved Polish writer and activist, is considered one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful authors of her generation. In 2018, she won the Man Booker International Prize for her novel Flights and was awarded the […]


Siebert and Talas

PROJECT CASE STUDY The challenge of how to archive their work as effectively as possible was solved in SIEBERT + TALAŠ by using piqlFilm The international architectural firm SIEBERT + TALAŠ was founded in 2002 by Matej Siebert and Roman Talaš, and currently operates both in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic. BACKGROUND For almost […]