Don’t let the future be an afterthought

Don’t let the future be an afterthough One challenge we see businesses often facing is the lack of foresight.  The future can be such a difficult priority, because it can always be looked after tomorrow. We all agree it’s important, but with all our immediate projects and priorities, it can be difficult to devote time […]

How we’re stopping global memory loss

How we are stopping global memory loss The world is at risk of losing its memory. We want to make sure it doesn’t. The growth of online data is exploding faster than we can create systems to manage it. Not only is there pressure (through regulations and business need) to keep data for long periods […]

Preserving our audio-visual heritage

Preserving our audio-visual heritage Some of our most valuable treasures are held in an audio and visual form. Moments that changed the world. Speeches that changed the course of history. Events that shock us. Stories that inspired us. Our memories are at the core of who we are and for the World Day for Audio […]

Slovak National Library (SNK)

Slovak National Library

PROJECT CASE STUDY Martin Kukučín’s secret script, or the oldest text in Glagolitic — these texts will also be preserved on piqlFilm The Slovak National Library (SNK) is a modern scientific, cultural, and educational institution that collects more than 5.2 million documents of various types in its deposits and this number is growing every year. […]

Polish Masters of Photography trust Piql

CASE STUDY Polish Masters of Photography trust Piql The three masters of Polish photography trusted Piql with their most precious photographs. Bogdan Dziworski, Tomasz Sikora and Jacek Poremba, three of the most respected photographers in Polish history, have chosen Piql to preserve a handpicked collection of their most valuable body of work. CHALLENGE Even though […]


CASE STUDY Securing Nuclear Data for the next centuries Empresa Nacional de Residuos Radiactivos, SA (ENRESA) is the organisation responsible for nuclear waste management in Spain, conserving and managing all documentation relating to radioactive waste, dismantling of nuclear facilities and associated activities. CHALLENGE The nuclear industry has stringent requirements for the safe decommissioning and disposal […]

7th Real Estate Registry Office

CASE STUDY Digitally transforming real estate records Land registries record matters concerning ownership of real estate and deliver important services to provide accountability for related legal and administration activities.  The 7th Real Estate Registry Office, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil maintains the land registry for the region and provides related notary services. CHALLENGE Land registries facilitate a […]

Piql transforms Bank of Slovenia’s archives

CASE STUDY Piql transforms Bank of Slovenia’s archives The Bank of Slovenia holds significant historical records that need long term storage. Piql offers the only affordable, innovative solution that meets all compliance requirements, guarantees no data loss and can be stored securely for extended periods of time. CHALLENGE The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sector faces complex data […]

Piql preserves a Cannes classic

CASE STUDY Piql preserves a Cannes classic 68 years after it debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, Miracolo a Milano will once again grace the Cannes screens. Miracolo a Milano (Miracle in Milan) released in 1951, is a well-loved classic following an open hearted and unrelentingly energetic orphan as he struggles to make the best […]

Secure storage for patient health records

CASE STUDY Secure storage for patient health records Landeskrankenhaus Hochzirl is an Austrian state hospital specialising in neurological care. Managed by the Tyrol Kliniken GmbH, the hospital has 200 beds spread over five departments. The Post-Trauma Neurorehabilitation Department, directed by Professor Leopold Saltuari, needed a digital preservation solution for patient health care records. CHALLENGE Medical […]