Your ultimate digital insurance

“Piql has taken an holistic approach to preservation, resulting in a self-documenting solution that secures future access to our digital cultural heritage.”

Karl-Magnus Drake, Preservation Department, National Archives of Sweden


Through our global network of partners we offer a unique way of preserving valuable data. We convert your digital files into a physical copy that can be stored offline as your ultimate digital insurance. The well-documented preservation qualities of photosensitive film are combined with the accessibility of being a seamless element within a standard IT infrastructure. You get the best of both worlds, allowing you to feel confident about the security and accessibility of your data.


Piql Preservation Services are based on our turnkey solution which includes all equipment and processes needed for writing, storing and retrieving your files. The technology is developed in cooperation with some of the most renowned research institutions within their fields, such as Fraunhofer and Norner.

How we preserve your data

Storing data is just as easy as storing to any other device or in the Cloud; the difference is the security, integrity and longevity we offer.


We use our high-precision piqlWriter to record your digital files and related metadata onto photosensitive film. During the process we use the same kind of error correction as most other storage technologies. Checksums are applied to verify the integrity of the data. Forward Error Correction is used for controlling errors, making it possible to fully retrieve even damaged or corrupted data.


Both digital and visual storage of data is possible. This means that you can select between storing the data in computer readable digital format (binary codes), or as human readable text or images. We can even combine the two, allowing you for instance to get visual previews of your digital data.


The film is protected in a labelled piqlBox, which is tested together with film to ensure your data lasts for at least 500 years under ISO storage conditions. Our solution may be integrated into your existing digital preservation system or digital asset management system for easy search and access.

How to read back your data

When you request your file back, the correct piqlBox is fetched from storage and placed on piqlReader. It will read the needed part of the film and decode the information before making the file available to you. You may also recover your files by using any compatible digital scanner and our open source decoding software.

How to ensure long-term access

The Piql solution is designed specifically for long-term preservation. It is of uttermost importance to us that the preserved data can be retrieved and understood by those that may need it in the future, regardless of access to specific technologies or vendors.


To cater for this, we provide you with a self-documenting preservation master. This means that all information needed for decoding and understanding the preserved data is written in human readable text on the preservation medium itself. The source code of the decoding software is open and written in text format on the reel. We can do the same with file format specifications and other metadata.