Arctic World Archive

The Arctic World Archive is an offline data vault ensuring the most sensitive and irreplaceable data to be safeguarded for the future. Located in a disaster-proof vault, the information is kept in permafrost conditions far away from political and physical instabilities in the rest of the world. The Arctic World Archive safeguards the globe’s most valuable data from future catastrophes, wars and cyberattacks as well as solving the challenges of future technology obsolescence. The Artic World Archive can protect any kind of digital information, photos, documents, databases or audiovisual content.



Ready for the world

The Arctic World Archive is now open and ready to receive requests for deposits from around the world, from nations, organizations, institutions and companies. Please contact us at for further information.



Opening for consumers

Although the Arctic World Archive initially was meant for organizations, institutions and companies, the launch generated a lot of interest from individuals from around the world, and we are now opening the doors for consumers. If you are interested in becoming involved and enjoying some early-bird benefits, please contact us at