Protecting your data assets

The piqlBox has a functional design with grips for easy handling. It is stackable and has a clearly visible label. But most importantly, all materials in the box are thoroughly tested to ensure the data on the film remain intact throughout the projected lifetime of 500 years.

The result of extensive testing

The purpose of the piqlBox is to protect the preservation medium throughout its lifetime. The intended lifetime of the preservation medium, the packaging and their materials is 500 years, when stored under ISO 18911 storage conditions. The piqlBox has undergone a wide range of tests to ensure its materials have no negative influence on the longevity of the preservation medium. The packaging materials are also free of harmful materials that may cause degradation over time to the medium and the preserved data or images.


Testing has been performed by Norner AS (Independent Industrial Polymer Institute, Norway) and IPI (Image Permanence Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA). The box is manufactured by Plasto AS, Norway.